Example of glamping pods

What To Expect on your First Glamping Trip

18 Nov 2021
Example of glamping pods

Glamping in Australia can be an amazing experience. Whether you’re travelling solo, with a significant other or family and friends, glamping is about being outdoors and close to nature while still enjoying a few creature comforts! 

That said, there are some common misconceptions about glamping that are worth clearing up. So, to make sure you have the best, most memorable experience possible, here’s what to expect on your first glamping trip.

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You’ll still need to plan what you pack

Sure, you’ll be swapping your swag for a comfy bed, but like most trips away, even a small amount of pre-travel planning will go a long way. 

Understanding the type of glamping experience you’ve booked is an essential step. In other words, not all glamping tents are created equal. Is there a self-contained kitchen in your tent? If it’s a kitchenette, what exactly is provided? If you’ve booked a stay in a glamping pod with no cooking facilities, what options are available to you? 

A quick chat with your holiday park will help you determine what you’ll need to pack. Some questions to consider are:

  • Are linen and towels included? (sometimes you’ll need to take your own)
  • Are pets allowed?
  • What cooking facilities are available and are they private or shared? 
  • If there are no cooking facilities, are camp stoves permitted in or out of the tent?
  • Is there a fridge or other cold storage nearby?
  • What types of heating or cooling facilities are available?
  • Is the accommodation powered or not? (some glamping sites are off-grid)

As a basic guide, here is a list of items we’ve always found useful:

  • Reusable drink bottles
  • Rubbish bags
  • Headlamps
  • Sunscreen 
  • Insect repellent 
  • Indoor slippers (or comfy socks)
  • Your favourite go-to snacks
  • Your favourite tea
  • Your favourite tipple 
  • Board games, playing cards (for a rainy day)
  • A good book or magazines

It’s not a hotel

Given that the word ‘glam’ is literally part of the title, you’d be forgiven for thinking a glamping experience includes your own concierge, room service and all the other glitziness that usually accompanies a so-called glamorous experience.  However, as good as glamping is, it is still essentially a step up from camping, which means that services you’d usually expect from a hotel or resort will be unavailable. Higher-end and therefore much more expensive glamping experiences will offer additional services like in-tent massages and room service, but these are rarely provided as standard.

It’s not for everyone

Don’t get us wrong, glamping is a fun experience! But like we said above, not all glamping tents are made equal. Some glamping tents, like the Safari-style Deluxe Tents at Discovery Parks - Fraser Street, Hervey Bay, QLD are designed to accommodate a group of people or a family. Others are much smaller and more intimate and are therefore specifically reserved for adults. Some parks, like Discovery Parks - Barossa Valley in SA and Lake Brockman Tourist Park in NSW only offer glamping tents for over 18s, while parks such as Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park in VIC do cater for families of up to four people.

Noise travels even further at night

Very much like standard camping tents, a lot of glamping tents are simply larger tents made from sturdier materials like canvas. This means that your surrounding walls are relatively thin. In addition, when the environment around is quieter, for example when the sun sets, sound travels or transmits further, meaning any noise you make will travel a long way. The way to ensure a positive experience for all? Applying basic camping etiquette to adhere to each park’s rules concerning noise restrictions after a certain time. 

IT's a shared experience

Glamping sites are popular for a reason. Some of them are in the most desirable and exotic locations in the country, and for that reason, they are often hard to book and popular once you arrive. This means that although the wide-open spaces of the great outdoors are often on your doorstep, you might not be as alone as you think. Be prepared to share the space and give your neighbours the respect they deserve.

We hope this list of some things to expect hasn’t put you off booking your first ever glamping trip. Explore G’day Parks’ list of glamping experiences now. We promise you won’t regret it.

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