Privacy Policy

To provide our services and conduct our business we handle personal information, including determining the purposes and means of processing personal data that we control. This Privacy Policy explains how we handle the personal information we hold, including how we collect, use and disclose personal information. ‘Personal information’ is data that relates to you and that identifies you, or from which you can reasonably be identified. This may include your name and contact information, as well as some digital identifiers relating to you (we explain more about what these are below under the heading ‘Cookies’).

We respect your privacy and take steps to safeguard the personal information that we handle. We are committed to complying with all applicable privacy laws, including the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), and to being open and transparent about our information handling practices.

Who we are and how to contact us

‘We’ or ‘us’ means Australian Park Licence Co Pty Ltd ACN 622 566 205.

To contact us click here or call us on 1300 061 811 (our lines are open Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00 pm AEST, excluding public holidays).


This Privacy Policy has been updated to:

  • include more details about the personal information that we collect, including information about how we use cookies and related technologies for targeted advertising;
  • incorporate descriptions of data handling regarding our latest products and services, including our Apps, and how we use your personal information to deliver these products and services to you;
  • explain in more detail our process for facilitating and responding to requests for deletion of personal information; and
  • update language, descriptions and definitions for clarity.

These updates took effect in November 2022 and March 2023. Please review the updated, current version of our Privacy Policy below.

The information we collect (and why)

Booking and guest registration

We collect information both in person at our Parks, via internet booking engines (including and online travel agents (including Expedia), and via our Websites and our G’day Parks App to allow you to make a reservation at one of our Parks. The information we collect to do this includes your name, address, date of birth, and contact details (e.g. telephone and email), along with details of your stay with us (arrival and departure time, and number of other guests). We may also collect information about your vehicles including registration number and the make, model and dimensions of any caravans or trailers that are the subject of your reservation. We may also collect transactional information such as confirmation of payment or balance owing. Depending on the nature of your dealings with us, we may also collect information about the payment card that is used for your transaction with us which may be held via our secure systems.

G’DAY Rewards Membership Program

In order to access details of your G’day Rewards Membership (including to confirm your eligibility for discounts and/or Membership Savings), or to sign you up for the G’day Rewards Membership Program on request, we collect information either from you via our website; a G’day Rewards Membership application form; the G’day Parks App, or an internet booking engine. The information we collect to manage the G’day Rewards Membership Program includes your name, contact details, birth date, and G’day Rewards Membership number (if already a Member). We also collect your credit card details when you sign up, and transfer these details securely to a payment services provider, but we do not retain this transactional data.

Gift vouchers

We collect the name and contact details of both the purchaser and recipient of our gift vouchers in order to send the gift voucher to the recipient and confirm the purchase. We also collect the credit card details of the purchaser, and transfer these details securely to a payment services provider, but we do not retain this transactional data.

Other personal information

Other types of personal information we collect may include, but are not limited to:

  • details of entrants in competitions run by us (including in collaboration with G’day Rewards Participants and/or our Business Partners);
  • name and contact details of subscribers to our mailing lists;
  • name and contact details of individuals who request information about our products and services from us;
  • application information related to applicants for employment with us;
  • identity information and contact information for guests at our Parks who hire equipment (such as bikes or pedal buggies);
  • information about the device that you are using to access our Apps (see 'Resettable Device Identifier' section below);
  • information about guests who have pets stay at a Park;
  • information contained within post stay surveys completed by Park visitors; and
  • information about when a Member uses their Membership Card or the G’day Parks App to receive benefits, discounts, Membership Services, or to verify their Membership status.

We may also collect your personal information for other purposes which may be explained at the time of collection. In some cases, if you do not provide us with personal information we may not be able to provide the services you have requested.

Other personal information

In order to provide you with Membership Savings via our G’day Parks App, we may collect location data to assist with directing you to the relevant discount service providers, G’day Rewards Participants, Business Partners and Parks that are near you. We will only access this location data on your device with your permission.

Cookies and other technologies

We collect information relating to your web activity when you access and browse our Websites or use our Apps. In particular, we may collect information using cookies, and similar technologies, designed to provide information to help us improve the use of our Websites and Apps and to better tailor the content we provide.

A cookie is a text file containing small amounts of information which is downloaded to your device when you access a website. This information may include your IP address, information and actions taken on the site including details about when you accessed the site. The text file is then sent back to our server each time your browser requests a page from the server. Information generated by the cookie about the use of our website may be transferred to, and stored by, a web analytics service, which may be based overseas, that we use to help us improve our online services. This enables us to provide a better website visitor experience by loading the Website so that it reflects your personal preferences as previously indicated last time you browsed. Some cookies also help with ensuring the functionality of our Websites.

Additionally, emails we send to you use technology that indicates the time and date that an email was opened and whether any links within the email were clicked. Compiling this information allows us to conduct statistical analysis to better understand how effective our electronic marketing campaigns are and to customise our advertising services based on the results. You can disable some of this technology by turning images ‘off’ in your email client and you can opt-out of receiving emails from us by clicking here  or sending us an email at

We use web tracking/analytic tools, that may be provided by our Service Providers, that generate detailed statistics about traffic to our Websites, traffic sources and how you interact with advertisements on our Websites and in our Apps and also on third party websites, including social media websites.

The cookies and web-tracking tools we use allow our Websites and Apps to operate more efficiently via the device you are using, customise our advertising and help us improve the content and functioning of our Websites and Apps.

We also use cookies and other technologies to help us and our Service Providers to present targeted and customised advertising to you on our Websites and on third party websites, including social media websites. 

To help us deliver relevant and effective online advertising for you, we may also combine data we collect via cookies and similar technologies on your devices with other data that we have collected, for example, information regarding your membership of G'day Rewards or your bookings. We may share this data with our trusted Service Providers or related entities to assist with tailoring our products, services and/or advertising to you.

The types of cookies we use are set out below. You can configure your web browser to reject and delete cookies, but this may limit the functionality of our Websites or Apps so that so that they do not operate properly.

Analytical and Performance Cookies

We use website analytics service providers, such as Google Analytics, that use cookies to analyse our Website traffic. These analytics service providers collect information and statistics about our Websites, including by counting the number of visitors and tracking how visitors use the site. This type of analysis helps us make our Websites more effective to use, for example by improving how easy it is for visitors to find what they are looking for or fixing any issues users have with a Website. Information supplied by analysis cookies helps us to understand how our visitors use our Websites in order to improve the user experience.

Advertising/Targeting Cookies

Targeting cookies are often linked to services provided by third parties on our Websites. Third party service providers may use their own cookies to collect information about your activities on our Websites. They work by identifying your device and browser to recognise your visit to the Websites. Not enabling these cookies will disable the services provided by third parties on our Websites, such as tools to share or access content from social media sites or options to watch videos by third party video providers.

Functionality Cookies

We may use functional cookies that record the choices you have made on our Websites so that we can continue to provide you with information you are interested in during that visit and any subsequent visits. This allows us to provide content that is tailored and relevant, and to improve the Website experience for our Website users.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

We collect cookies that are necessary for our Websites to operate and load properly. You can set your web browser to block these cookies but without these cookies you may not be able to move around the Website and use its features.


If you use our Apps, including the G'day Parks App, on a mobile device or tablet we may collect a 'resettable device identifier' (Device Identifier) from that device. Device Identifiers are similar to cookies and we may use them to help us make our advertising more relevant; for analytics and optimisation purposes; and to prompt action and/or notify you of important information.

We may use the Device Identifier to notify you of important information, including by using 'push notifications' (messages that pop up to prompt action and/or notify you of important information) to your device. For example, we may use 'push notifications' to remind you of when your Membership is due for renewal. You may choose to opt out of receiving some types of 'push notification' messages from within our Apps (as those 'push notifications' are made available) or by configuring the settings of your device. We may also use the Device Identifier to determine whether your device is optimised for accessing our Apps, and for providing notifications to you, or contacting you, for optimisation purposes to improve your experience with using our Apps.

How we collect personal information

We collect personal information in a variety of ways, including (but not limited to):

  • Directly from individuals such as when you join the G’day Rewards Membership Program, use our G’day Parks App, create/manage your G’day Rewards Membership Program account, claim Membership Savings or make a booking via our G’day Parks App, or when you complete a guest registration form at one of our Parks.
  • Through our social media pages and from social media sites when you like our posts or page.
  • From G’day Rewards Participants.
  • From third parties that provide us with marketing; market research; and marketing and web analytics services.
  • From third parties such as Business Partners or Participants that run competitions or promotions in connection with G’day Rewards, G’day Parks, Discovery or any of the Discovery brands.
  • From a booking agent where you have requested to join the G’day Rewards Membership Program in the course of making a booking through them with one of the G’day Rewards Participants.
  • When you send us an email or ‘contact us’ message or make a written or telephone enquiry with us.

Storage and security of personal information

We take the security of the personal information we hold seriously and handle personal information sensitively and in accordance with applicable privacy laws.
We take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information we hold from misuse, interference and loss; and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. These steps include using electronic and physical security measures, including:

  • storing personal information on secure networks consistent with industry standards;
  • using encryption techniques when transferring information to other servers;
  • restricting access to personal information to employees, contractors and agents who need to know the information to process it for us; and
  • authenticating Members before providing access to personal information about G’day Rewards Membership Program accounts.

How long do we keep your personal information?

If we no longer need the personal information we hold about you, we take steps to delete, destroy or de-identify that information. All information is stored in accordance with a data retention policy that sets out how long we keep different types of information, depending on what the information is and the purpose for which it was collected. For example, we need to keep information about your reservation in order to provide you with accommodation at one of our Parks. We also retain information about your G’day Rewards Membership in order to provide you with Membership Savings and confirm your Membership status.

We may also retain personal information to assist us to comply with our legal obligations; including for insurance or audit purposes, or to comply with laws including (but not limited to) the Australian Consumer Law and the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

How we use personal information and for what purposes

To provide you with our services

We use personal information in order to provide services to you. As part of providing services to you we may use your personal information to:

  • make a reservation for you at one of our Parks;
  • respond to your enquiries;
  • allow you to hire equipment at one of our Parks;
  • subscribe you to our G’day Rewards magazine (at your request);
  • send you product and services information (at your request);
  • submit your entry into one of our competitions;
  • facilitate your application for Membership to our G’day Rewards Membership Program;
  • confirm your payment for services;
  • provide you with a gift voucher or process your request for a gift voucher for someone else; and/or
  • ensure your security at one of our Parks (e.g. by using CCTV cameras for security monitoring purposes).

For marketing

We also use personal information to market and promote our products and services, including to:

  • contact you about special offers or promotions we think may be of interest to you (where we have a legal basis to process your information in this way); and
  • conduct marketing and web tracking analysis.

We may also collect personal information about you by accessing data from other sources and analysing that data together with the information we already hold about you to better understand your preferences. This information may be anonymised data that is shared with trusted Service Providers that help us to market products and services to you that are most relevant to your interests.

Sharing on social media

If you click on a link to a social media site or post from our Websites, or click on a link to one of our Websites from our social media pages, we may share your personal information (including user name, profile picture, likes and posts) with the social media service provider, other users and your friends or followers. If you do not want your personal information shared in this way, you can choose not to connect via your social media profile with our Websites, or configure your web browser to block cookies(which may affect the functionality of some features on the Website).

We may use your data to display targeted ads about our products, brands and services on the social media websites you are registered with, and for measuring advertising performance on those social media websites. If you do not object to the use of your personal information for targeted advertising purposes, we may transfer data, including data that has been through a process of encryption (e.g. 'hashing'), to a Service Provider, including a Social Media Service Provider. Once your data is shared this way, it is used to:

  • show you ads about our products, brands and services when you browse the relevant social media websites; and 
  • help us to understand the effectiveness of our advertising to enable us to improve our marketing campaigns and tailor our advertising, products and services to your interests.

If you interact with us using your social media account, that personal information will be subject to the privacy policy of the social media website or Social Media Service Provider.

To meet our legal obligations

We may also use personal information for the purpose of:

  • complying with any applicable laws (for example any obligations we may have under legislation, including but not limited to the Australian Consumer Law and the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth));
  • to fulfil our obligations under contracts with you or third parties;
  • where necessary to protect our rights or the rights of others, including for fraud or risk management purposes; and/or
  • to comply with requests from government authorities.

Other purposes

We may use your personal information for other reasons which we will explain when we collect it, or for reasons that you have consented to us using the information. We will only use your personal information in accordance with applicable privacy and data protection laws.

Disclosure of personal information

We may disclose personal information in a number of ways, including (but not limited) to:

  • contractors, suppliers or agents we have engaged to provide goods or services to us to process data on our behalf (for example marketing agencies, distributors or marketing analytics service providers);
  • G’day Rewards Participants;
  • our Business Partners where we have collected your information in relation to a jointly offered promotion, product or service;
  • hiring companies when you hire equipment belonging to the hire company (i.e. bikes) at one of our Parks; and/or
  • payment service providers when you make a payment in person at a Park or via our Websites.

When you request a Membership Saving or a discount from one of our G’day Rewards Participants and/or Business Partners using our G’day Parks App or your G’day Rewards Membership Card we may share your personal information (e.g. first name, last name, email address, mobile number and a discount offer membership number) with that G’day Rewards Participant or Business Partner. We will only do this with your consent and in accordance with any applicable discount offer terms and conditions. We may also disclose personal information in order to comply with legal obligations or where necessary to protect our rights or the rights of others, including for fraud or risk management purposes.

Business Partners

We may partner with third parties to conduct joint promotions or competitions or offer joint products, services and discounts. If you provide us with personal information in relation to the promotion, competition, product, discount or service we are jointly providing with a Business Partner we may share your information with that Business Partner. We will inform you that we do this at the time we collect your personal information and you will be given a choice about whether or not this occurs.


We use third party suppliers to provide us with services to support our business. These Service Providers may perform services on our behalf or assist us to provide services to you. For example, we engage Service Providers to provide us with IT services, advertising, payment processing, marketing and marketing analytics services (including Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics). Our Service Providers may need to access your personal information in connection with providing us with these services. The Service Providers we use may be based in Australia or overseas. We only disclose your personal information to our Service Providers in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable privacy laws. We do not authorise their use or disclosure of your personal information for any other purposes other than in connection to the provision of their services to us.

Links to external websites or services

Our electronic messages or online services may contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for the handling of your personal information by those websites and recommend you review the privacy policies of those websites.

How to unsubscribe , ‘opt-out’ or withdraw consent

You may unsubscribe or opt-out of receiving communication from us by:

  • clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in any electronic messages you receive from us; and/or
  • contacting us using the details in the ‘Contact Details’ section of this Privacy Policy.

Please note that if you opt-out or unsubscribe from our G’day Rewards Membership Program we may not be able to provide you with G’day Rewards Membership Program services, including posting your G’day Rewards Membership Card.

Sometimes, in order to handle your personal information, we may seek your consent, including to collect your data. You can request to withdraw this consent at any time by contacting us via our Contact Details.

How you can access the personal information we hold about you

You can request access to the personal information we hold about you by clicking here or sending us an email at We may need to verify your identity to provide access.


You can request to update or correct personal information we hold about you which you believe is inaccurate or out of date. You can also submit a request that we delete your personal information and/or your Membership account. To make any requests regarding updating, correcting or deleting your personal information please:

  • click here;
  • send us an email at; and/or
  • submit the appropriate request or make updates via our Apps where this option is available (please note this may depend on the specific device you are using).

If you submit a request to delete your personal information, including requesting deletion of your Membership account via our Apps on devices where this option is available, we will take all reasonable steps to process your request in accordance with this Privacy Policy, our data retention policy, and our obligations under the Privacy Act and other applicable laws.

Where there are upcoming bookings, including at one of our Parks, that relate to your Membership, we will likely not be able to delete your Membership account until after the final date of those existing bookings, to comply with our legal obligations (including those that may be relevant under the Australian Consumer Law). For more information about data we retain, please see the 'How long do we keep your personal information' section of this Privacy Policy.

How to make a privacy complaint

If you have any concerns about our personal information handling practices you can click here or send us an email at so that we can try and resolve the issue quickly and directly.

If we are unable to resolve your privacy complaint, you may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at:

GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW, 2001, (telephone 1300 363 992).

Contact Details

You can contact us by:

  • Clicking on this link;
  • Sending an email to;
  • Calling us on 1300 061 811 between 9.00am and 5.00pm AEST Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays); and/or
  • Writing to us at: Level 7, 60 Light Square, Adelaide SA 5000

Last Updated

This Privacy Policy was last updated in March 2023.

Defined Terms

“App” means any application for use on a mobile device (e.g. telephone, tablet or similar device), including the G’day Parks App;

“Business Partner” means a third party that we collaborate with to offer joint promotions, products or services;

“Discovery” means Discovery Holiday Parks Pty Ltd ACN 111 782 842;

“G’day Parks App” means the mobile application operated by Australian Park Licence Co Pty Ltd ACN 622 566 205.

“G’day Rewards Membership Program” means the customer loyalty membership program managed by Australian Park Licence Co Pty Ltd ACN 622 566 205;

“G’day Rewards Participant” means a business that offers Members Membership Savings or other discounts and/or benefits in connection with the G’day Rewards Membership Program;

“Member” means a member of the G’day Rewards Membership Program;

“Membership” means membership of the G’day Rewards Membership Program;

“Membership Card” means the card issued in connection with the Membership for use by the Member;

“Membership Saving” means the discounts and benefits offered to Members as described in the Terms and Conditions on the website;

“Park” means a holiday park  owned or operated by or on behalf of Discovery Holiday Parks, ACN 111 782 846, or a holiday park licenced to Australian Park Licence Co Pty Ltd ACN 622 566 205;

“Service Provider” means a third party we engage (or enter into negotiations with a view to engaging) to provide us with services to support our business;

"Social Media Service Provider" means a Service Provider that provides social media services, including but not limited to Facebook and Meta Platforms Inc,;

“Websites” means;  and any other websites operated by us from time to time (i.e. for short term marketing competitions or promotions);

We” or “us” means Australian Park Licence Co Pty Ltd ACN 622 566 205, which includes the G'day Parks and G'day Rewards brands and owns and operates G'day Parks applications, including the G'day Parks App.

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