Family washing dog cabin G'day Park

Why you should travel with your dog!

24 Aug 2021
Family washing dog cabin G'day Park

For a great family holiday, the whole family needs to be involved - even the four-legged members!

While it can be hard to find dog-friendly accommodation, we have over a hundred parks that welcome pets in every state and territory of Australia. To help you get excited about your next 'paw-some' holiday with friends here are 4 reasons to start planning a holiday with your dog!

Our Best Dog-Friendly Parks

Dogs need a holiday too!

Dogs might not have important meetings or bills to pay, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little leisure time to de-stress. Dogs pick up on our human moods, so spending time with them on holiday when we’re relaxed helps them to chill too.

Quality Bonding Time  

We all know that spending time with your pooch can do wonders for your mood, but this works both ways. Your dog loves spending time with you just as much! With the demands of a 9-5, it can be tough to give your dog all the love and attention they deserve. Holidays are a time to properly bond and create memories with your family and friends, your canine bestie included!

Staying in Shape  

Dogs can gain a few 'partner pounds' just as easily as humans, especially if they live with you in the city. We’re always far more active on holiday, so why wouldn’t you take the most active family member with you? It will also help you slow down and explore new destinations you might not otherwise.

New Friends  

Exercise isn’t the only benefit of taking your pooch with you. Getting your dog’s brain working is great for their health too. Not only do they love being with their owners, most dogs love meeting new people and other canine buddies. What better way to introduce them to new sights, smells and doggie social networks? 

Ready to start planning a holiday with your hound? Explore our dog friendly parks here!

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