G’day Parks App & Fuel FAQ’s 

G’day Parks app:  

1. What is the purpose of the G’day Parks app? 

The G’day Parks app helps you plan your next getaway from the comfort of home or on the open road.  With over 280 holiday parks across Australia you can discover new places to explore, access great holiday deals and book your stay in the palm of your hand.  G’day Rewards Members can access their membership information, view membership status, update their contact details and access fuel discounts. 

2. Do you have to be a G’day Rewards Member to use the app?

G’day Rewards Members gain the most value out of the G’day Parks App with access to additional benefits such as fuel discounts, the ability to renew their membership, view their digital membership card and update their details. 

Non G’day Rewards members are still able to utilize the G’day Parks App to make bookings and join G’day Rewards.      

3. How does a G’day Rewards Member log in to view their details?  

When the G’day Parks App is opened on a device, it will take the user to the HOME SCREEN, where the Member can log-in. To log-in, simply click on LOGIN in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, or from the top of the MENU if the MENU is open. The LOGIN screen will display where the G’day Rewards Member can enter their email address and password. After this process is successfully completed, the G’day Rewards Member will be logged in and shown the HOME SCREEN with the Menu open.  

4. Can a Member update their G’day Rewards Membership details via the app?  

Yes, they can! Once the Member is logged in (see process above), they can navigate to MY PROFILE from the MENU.  Simply click on UPDATE INFO and edit any personal details. G’day Rewards Members should then click on UPDATE MY DETAILS to save the changes made.  

5. Can a Member use the app to prove their membership when upon arrival at park?  

Yes, the G’day Parks App has a digital ‘MEMBERSHIP CARD’ which can be used as evidence of being an active G’day Rewards Member.  A G’day Rewards Member simply opens the MY PROFILE section of the app, taps MEMBERSHIP CARD and provides their membership number at park reception or to redeem benefits with eligible G’day Rewards partners.    

6. Where does a G’day Rewards member find their digital membership card?  

Simply open the G’day Parks App, log-in and navigate to the MY PROFILE section from the main menu. From there the user should select MEMBERSHIP CARD from the options available on screen, and their digital G’day Rewards Membership card will be displayed.    

7. What email address does a G’day Rewards Member use to log in?  

To log in to the G’day Parks App, ensure the member uses the same email address that is attached to their G’day Rewards membership.

8. What if G’day Rewards Members cannot remember their password or don't have a password?  

  • If the person is a G’day Rewards Member and can’t remember their G’day Rewards Membership password, you can assist them to ‘reset password’ via the App or G’day Rewards website.   

  • If the G’day Rewards Member has never set a G'day Rewards Membership password, you can help them to register for a password either in the App or on the G’day Rewards website.

9. If a G’day Rewards Member has two membership numbers which one do they use to set their password?  

Either G’day Rewards membership number will work to set their password.  

10. Why can’t a G’day Rewards Member find a certain park in the app?  

There may be a few parks that are not able to be located within the G’day Parks app. Instead they can be found on the G’day Parks website www.gdayparks.com.au

11. Can a G’day Rewards Member be logged in to their G’day Parks App from two different devices? (They have a joint membership account with their husband/wife).  

Yes, however the fuel barcode is only available for one use per day per membership which must be shared between devices.  

12. Will the App work on any device?  

The App is available within the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The App will only function on operating systems from Nougat and iOS11 and above.  

13. Why is the G'day Parks App providing directions to a selected park from my current location even after I have denied the Geolocation agreement?  

When the user denies the Geolocation agreement and then seeks directions to a Park, the App will refer them to Google Maps to complete their navigation request.  

14. Can a guest save a credit card when using the app?    

Yes. So that a booking can be made quickly and easily via the app, the app has a function to ‘SAVE’ a credit card so that you don’t need to enter their credit card details every time they make a booking.   

15. A guest received a new credit card from their bank, how do they update their saved card details in the G’day Parks App? 

Next time they are making a booking or renewing their membership via the App, it will prompt them to update their credit card details.  They don’t need to do anything until then. 

16. How long will it take for the G’day Rewards Support team to respond to my enquiry?  

The G’day Rewards Support team will respond in a minimum of 48 business hours.  

17. What hours is the G’day Rewards Support Team available?  

The G’day Rewards Support team are available Monday – Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm (Adelaide time).  

18. What if I have an enquiry out of these hours?  

Simply get them to email membership@gdayrewards.com.au and the support team will respond within 48 business hours.  


19. How do I get a fuel voucher?  

To access the fuel offer, the user must be a G’day Rewards member and download the G’day Parks App. Once they’ve completed these steps and logged in to the App, they’ll be able to view their discount barcode via the FUEL DISCOUNT screen in the G’day Parks app.    

20. How do I redeem my fuel discount?  

To redeem a fuel discount, the user must be a G’day Rewards Member and have a device with an internet connection and have downloaded the G’day Parks app. They can open the app once inside the Shell Coles Express or participating Shell branded store and present their barcode at the payment counter.   

21. Why didn’t the fuel barcode work for a G’day Rewards Member?  

The user’s barcode can be viewed via the G’day Parks app and they will need to have access to WIFI or a stable internet connection – advise them to test this prior to arriving at the fuel station or once inside the Shell Coles Express store or participating Shell branded site, and not on the forecourt or while pumping fuel.   

Any support with using their barcode is provided at the Shell Coles Express store or participating Shell branded site. If they are still having difficulties using their barcode, please advise the G’day Rewards Member to email membership@gdayrewards.com.au. 

22. Can a G’day Rewards Member use their barcode more than once?  

Each barcode is for single use only and is refreshed daily. To generate a new barcode to redeem their ongoing discount, the user needs to simply log back into the G’day Parks app after one day has passed and tap the FUEL DISCOUNT button.   

23. Can a G’day Rewards Member redeem this offer at any petrol station?  

This offer is only accepted and redeemable at Shell Coles Express and participating Shell branded fuel stations in Australia. To find their nearest store the user can go to the FUEL DISCOUNT page within the G’day Parks App or visit this store locator: https://www.shell.com.au/motorists/fuel-finder.html

24. Why isn’t the fuel discount barcode loading?  

If the fuel discount barcode is not loading, the G’day Rewards Member can email membership@gdayrewards.com.au. If the G’day Rewards support team is unable to resolve they will pass on the issue to the G’day IT team to troubleshoot.  

25. Will this offer cover any petrol/gas types?  

This Offer does not apply to LPG or Adblue products in any State or Territory. However, product exclusions may vary from time to time at Viva Energy’s discretion with prior notice. For example, from time to time Diesel may be excluded from this Offer. Prior notice to changes to the offer as represented on the App will be provided through a notice to you via our App and through an email to your registered email address. Please check the App or your email before your planned trip to a Shell branded service station.  

Fuel discount offer rates are subject to change at Viva Energy’s discretion with prior notice from time to time. The applicable fuel discount offer rate will be set out in the G’day Parks App and any changes will be provided through an email to your registered email address.  

Fuel discount offers are limited to 150L maximum fill per transaction.   

26. Why does the discount change from 6c to 4c?  

The 6c discount is an introductory one time offer only. The ongoing daily discount is 4c.  

27. Can a G’day Rewards Member stack this discount with other offers?

Yes, they can! If the user is redeeming at a Shell Coles Express, this offer is valid with other stackable offers from Coles Express including Coles Supermarket shopper dockets and “spend $20 in store to receive 10 cents per litre fuel discount” – subject to their terms and conditions, please refer to  https://www.colesexpress.com.au/special-offers/save-10c-on-fuel.aspx.   

EXCEPTIONS: This offer excludes any other offer offered to you in whole or part by Viva Energy. If you present any other Viva Energy funded fuel discount offer for redemption from any other party e.g. flybuys, Shell Racing Team app (in addition to the fuel discount offer from G’day Parks), only the highest cents per litre fuel discount barcode will be redeemable. If all the Viva Energy funded fuel discount offers have the same cents per litre discount value, then only the first fuel discount offer presented will be redeemed.  

28. Can a G’day Rewards Member share their barcode with friends and family?  

This promotion can only be claimed by the valid G’day Rewards Member and is not to be distributed or shared by any means. 

29. Can a G’day Rewards Member exchange their discount barcode for cash?

This offer is not exchangeable, transferable or redeemable for cash. Offer is not valid for Fleet Card, Shell Card, Motorpass or Motorcharge transactions.  

30. Is this offer legitimate? 

Yes! This offer is proudly brought to G’day Rewards Members by G’day Rewards and Viva Energy Australia Pty Ltd (Shell licensee). For more information, please read the Promotion Terms & Conditions.

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