Man surfing at Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

5 Best Beaches in Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

12 Nov 2021
Man surfing at Yorke Peninsula, South Australia

Mesmerizing seas, salt spray in the air, the calm murmur of waves and the wind against our skin. Very little compares to a good day at the beach. 

In summer especially, our senses come alive when we are surrounded by nature of this level. Earthly worries seem to melt away as we dig our toes into the sand and take in the sweet, salty climate. 

Put simply, beaches are good for the soul.

With more than 700 kilometres of pristine coastline, the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia is home to some of our dreamiest beaches. Its proximity to Adelaide - an easily managed 2 hours drive - makes it one of South Australia’s favourite holiday spots.

Whether it’s chilling, swimming or fishing you prefer, here are some of Yorke Peninsula’s best beaches to visit on your next holiday. 

Berry Bay

South of Corny Point Lighthouse in Horseshoe Bay lies Berry Bay / Credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

With a seemingly endless stretch of sand, and a tidy beach break, Berry Bay is popular among families and surfers. At the right time of year, schools of dolphins can be seen playing in the water and when this happens, don’t be shocked to see a saunter of surfers waiting around for their waves. 

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Shell beach

At the far north-west end of Dhilba Guuranda - Innes National Park, Shell Beach is a secluded sanctuary where you can expect a bit more privacy. The beach itself is large enough for you to feel its size but small enough to get that private island vibe. Swimming is not advised here due to dangerous currents and large swells, so rather than risk it, enjoy basking in the sun or exploring the nearby rock formations. Look out for starfishes and families of crabs in and around the rock pools!

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Dolphin Beach

Credit: South Australian Tourism Commission/Adam Bruzzone

Dolphin Beach in Dhilba Guuranda - Innes National Park is a worst-kept secret for fishing and swimming during low tide. North-facing, it is surrounded by a series of sloping granite platforms and native vegetation, which make for some breathtaking scenery. Shore and rock fishing are the two most popular activities on this stretch of yellow sand.

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Browns Beach

Credit: South Australian Tourism Commission

Further north from Shell Beach is Browns Beach. Wild and mostly untouched, Browns Beach is also popular among anglers looking for salmon or big mullet. Facing due west, Browns Beach consists of two main parts: its southern end consists of two beach rock reefs that feature a continuous lagoon while the northern end is free of rocks with waves that peak at around 1m high. 

Parsons Beach

Credit: Cook Family Adventures

With white sand that stretches for miles, Parsons Beach (also known as Watsons Beach) is about 8 kilometres long. With generally low wind and shallow waves, swimming is best at high tide, and calm conditions at low tide make a walk along this foreshore an ideal option. Beach fishing is not as popular here as most anglers prefer to head into the open sea!

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