Must-Have Caravan Essentials These Holidays

01 Feb 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned caravanner or brand new to the road, packing for your next big trip is very much a part of the adventure. 


With space (and weight) always at a premium, there’s a fine balance to tread between making sure you have all the necessities, and potentially overpacking!

Experienced roadhogs know that a heavier camper or caravan will increase your fuel consumption - definitely worth avoiding these days - while an overloaded vehicle is generally something to avoid whenever you're on the open road!


If you’re reading this and feeling overwhelmed already, especially if you're new to the caravan and camping lifestyle, we’re here to help you enjoy yourself to the max while exploring the great outdoors!

To take away some of the stress of packing, use this handy packing checklist to help you prepare for your next big caravan adventure!

How to Pack for your next Big Caravan Adventure 


There are a few items you shouldn’t leave home without. Consider this list of essential items before you hit the road!

A well stocked First-aid Kit


This is common sense. Always double-check your first-aid kit before every trip to ensure all items have been restocked, and that your emergency medication is up to date.

Face-masks and Hand sanitisers 

While requirements around this are changing, it's always a good idea to have some disposable face masks and hand sanitiser available should the need ever arise.

A reliable fire extinguisher and fire blanket


Fire safety is not a joke so if you don’t have both of these items you need to purchase them before you set off. Enquire at your nearest hardware or office supplies store, where a member of staff will be able to advise on their proper maintenance and installation.

A reliable TORCH and batteries

Flashlight or torch call it what you want, you’ll thank yourself for having both of these items handy when the need arises - which it will. Apart from finding your way around whatever campsite you’ve booked into, candles inside any caravan are an obvious safety risk! Don’t do it!

Insect repellent 


Australia is an amazing country, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be alone. Flies, mosquitoes and all manner of spicy bugs love this great brown land of ours too - best be prepared for their presence!

Communication and power devices


As much as a good ol’ fashioned road map is useful, it’s not cheating to be connected to the world wide web to help you find your way! This means ensuring all your devices are charged up as much as possible, whether it's the phone, sat-nav or satellite phone, depending on how remote you’ll be.

Printed road maps

Like we just said, being charged up device-wise is going to make your navigation that much easier, but there’s no substitute for a reliable road map if you find yourself out of power!

Extension cords

This one speak for itself. If you want to operate electrical appliances at a distance from your van, it's handy to have at least a couple of these around. Not so pro-tip: make sure the connection suits your current location! 



If there’s one thing that’ll bring your trip to a premature end, it's the sun! Be sure to pack more suncream than you think you’ll need, and use your common sense to stay protected at all times. Think long sleeves, lip balm, sunscreen and a hat! You won’t regret staying sun smart on holiday!


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