Bendigo | Victoria

Bendigo: Still Booming 

If you came here for Goldrush puns, you’re about to strike it poor. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the era which gave this town its boom. Still thriving now as a bustling regional centre, Bendigo has retained much of its 'olde world' charm. This includes its quirky trams, architecture and a Chinese diaspora who arrived in the 1850s. 

More recently, it’s developed a reputation as a centre for the creative arts. In fact, Bendigo Art Gallery is one of Australia’s most highly regarded public galleries, and sits next door to the Masonic Hall, which attracts theatre productions from around the world.

To top it off, every year the town plays host to music, food and wine festivals that get bigger all the time. All of it will remind you this is no country backwater. It’s Bendigo, the town that spawned a million golden dreams. 

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