Australia's Capital of Cool. Plus Sport. 

When Australia was handing out things to do to each of its states, Victoria simply said, ‘can I have more of everything?’

Blessed with swathes of untouched landscape, from mountains to rivers and some of the most famous coastline in the country, for a relatively small land mass (though it’s still as big as the entire United Kingdom) it does tend to pack a lot in. 

Home to Australia’s gold-rush, when prospectors came from lands afar, you can still trace much of the country’s population diversity from here - plus, Ned Kelly. As a result, Victorians remain a multicultural lot, meaning they care about coffee and clothes a bit more than the rest of us, and are famously fanatical about sport.

Boasting a cooler climate has also had its benefits, and not just in how green Victoria is, but in the fact that a high percentage of Australia’s best restaurants, coolest cafes and hippest live music venues, all like to hang out here.

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