Western Australia

Where the Wild West meets the Ocean

At once the biggest and furthest away state of them all, everything in the west seems larger than life. Take the mining industry, for example, which for decades has been the economic heartbeat of the country.

Whatever your stance on that, you can’t argue that Western Australia remains as diverse and beautiful as it gets, with stunning coastline and dramatic landscapes from rocky tip to dusty tail. Without even mentioning its cosmopolitan cities of Fremantle and Perth, where there has always been a strong migrant influence, a trip to the Pilbara and Kimberly regions should be on the bucket list of every Australian’s traveller.

For divers around the world, Exmouth and Broome are already pencilled in, while food and wine lovers won’t be disappointed with a Margaret River tour. We haven’t even mentioned Eighty Mile Beach, which is confusingly, 220 km long!

Whatever your ‘thing is’, it’s a great state to be in when you come to WA.

Explore Western Australia

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