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The Secret Life of Melbourne

It’s often been said that if Sydney is Australia’s New York, then Melbourne is our London. Slightly less flashy than its northern neighbour, what it lacks in big bridges and dangerous surf rips, it more than makes up for in cosmopolitan style.

Rivalries aside, Melbourne is without doubt the café, culture and event capital of Australia, holding firm to its claim of brewing the best cappuccinos in the country. Even a cursory browse of its world-famous laneways will turn up more baristas than you know what to do with, and ah yes, the hipster is alive and well in these parts!

Don’t worry though, they also work in the city’s many Michelin-worthy restaurants and collections of historic pubs. Here they will happily advise you on the best art galleries, live gigs and festivals to attend, which are too numerous to start listing here.

Melbourne, we love you. Can you get us tickets to the AFL Grand Final, Australian Open and the Formula One Grand Prix? Asking for a friend…

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