The A-to-Z of Caravan Parks in Australia

18 Dec 2023
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Whether you’ve been caravanning for years or are about to make your first journey, you’ll love our A-to-Z guide to caravan parks. Consider it the ultimate shout out to caravan park holidays - the best way to travel in Australia!

A is for Adventure (and Choosing Your Own)

There’s no right way to experience a caravan park – it’s a customisable holiday that you can do your way, however that looks. It’s a real ‘choose your own adventure’ because you and the people next door might enjoy very different things. Whether you’re into pure relaxation, high-energy water sports, exploring the local sights at your own pace or something in between, adventure starts with one thing: you.

B is for Beaches

With coastline like ours it’s no wonder that beach getaways are one of Australia’s favourite holidays! Our beach parks will take you from the palms of tropical Queensland to the rugged cliffs of the Great Ocean Road and over to the turquoise waters of WA’s stunning coast. Camp a stone’s throw from the water’s edge and make a beach holiday your own.

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C is for Caravans, Cabins and Canvas

Accommodation is one of, if not the most important part of your holiday, and caravan parks come with one very important feature: choice. You might be towing a caravan on a big lap, settling into a spacious cabin with room for the whole family to spread out, or pitching a tent to get the full camping experience. Or you might be in a motor home… or camper trailer… or…

D is for Diverse Destinations

No two places in Australia are exactly alike and that’s what makes travelling in our own backyard so timeless. The choices of where to go are just as diverse as the people who travel, so whether you’re heading for the coast, up the river, into the mountains or the deep Red Centre, you’ll find a comfy spot to rest your head. Being Australia's largest network of holiday parks, there’s a park to suit you no matter where the road takes you!

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E is for Exploring

In a country as big as ours you can spend your whole life exploring and still find new things! Strap on your hiking boots and get back to nature, soak up some history, or head for the horizon on the bucket list trip of your dreams. From coast to coast and everywhere in between, you can discover new experiences, iconic places, and all the characters of a great holiday on the road.

F is for Family Holidays

The best memories are made with family and at our parks you’ll find something for the whole crew, young and old alike. Holiday parks make it easy to bring together bigger family groups so you can holiday with grandparents, aunts and uncles, and all the extras – while still having a little space of your own. Plus, with spacious camp kitchens and picnic areas, it’s never been simpler to cook for a crowd.

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G is for G’day Rewards

Want to save on your next holiday? You’ll love G’day Rewards, our industry-leading loyalty program! You’ll get great discounts on accommodation at Australia's largest network of holiday parks around the country and access everyday savings and deals from our huge range of retail and travel partners. Plus, as a member you can save on fuel to make hitting the road easier than ever with the G’day Parks app.

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H is for Hidden Gems

One of our favourite things is when a place that was intended as a quick overnight stop along the road turns out to be a hidden gem. Don’t overlook those in-between destinations because you’ll find country charm, quirky shops and art, some of the best bakeries and country pubs, and some colourful characters who will just love to share their local know-how. It’s all there if you take a moment to look.

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I is for Instagrammable

Who doesn’t love holiday photos? We sure do, and with parks on the waterfront, in the heart of the outback, or surrounded by lush rainforest or towering forests, it’s near impossible to take a bad shot. Up your Instagram game with photos in the most spectacular and memorable destinations across Australia!

J is for Journeys

Caravan and holiday parks can connect your travels along the country’s most iconic driving routes, giving you the perfect place to rest your head after a big day’s drive. Whether it’s the Great Ocean Road, an iconic outback trip, NSW’s pacific coast, or WA’s romantic south-west, we’re some of the most convenient and accessible regional accommodation you’ll find along the road.

K is for Kid’s Facilities

You know the feeling, right? You get to your hotel room and there’s nothing for the kids to do. Not so with caravan parks! Packed with great kids’ facilities from playgrounds and waterparks to mini golf, games rooms and pump tracks, your kids can have fun and make friends while mum and dad get some time to relax.

L is for Local Flavour

We all love road trip snacks, but you can’t go wrong if you take an empty esky and fill up with supplies locally. You might sample the best in-season produce at farmer’s markets or the freshest fish right from the wharf. Park teams are goldmines of local knowledge, so tap into their expert insights on the best places to grab a bite nearby or pick a park with its own restaurant or café.

M is for Meeting New Friends

Holidays bring people together! Even if you’re travelling solo you won’t be lonesome when you stay in park. What you will find is a community of like-minded travellers who love to swap travel stories, share advice, or just join you for a drink at sundown. It’s even better for kids, who can burn off all their excess energy playing in park with their new mates!

N is for Nature

Australia has some of the most unique, awe-inspiring and beautiful natural landscapes that aren’t to be missed. People come from all over the world to see icons like Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef, but that’s only the start of what’s to see. Holidays parks welcome you to be truly immersed in the great outdoors and are a top choice for nature lovers.

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O is for the Outback

Caravan parks are the perfect home base for exploring the rich and rugged landscapes of the Australian Outback. You can stay close to the most iconic attractions, enjoy the wilderness and a bit of comfort as you settle in after a day’s exploring to watch the outback skies come alive with stars.

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P is for Pet Friendly

Because your pooch deserves a holiday too! You might not know that there are a huge number of G’day Parks that will welcome you and your pet, but it’s news that’s sure to set tails wagging. Choose from pet friendly sites and selected cabins, and enjoy extra features to make your pup’s holiday the best including play areas, dog washes and doggie day care, so you don’t miss out on dog-free tours and activities.

Q is for Quick Getaways

With heaps of park locations within a couple of hours’ drive of major cities, caravan parks are a great option for quick weekend getaways with family and friends. You don’t have to drive for miles or pack the kitchen sink to have a great time away. If relaxation is your top priority, skip the camp set-up and choose a comfy cabin to settle in fast!

R is for Road Trips

With a big sprawling landscape full of wonders to be found, it makes sense that travelling by car is one of our country’s favourite holidays. You get to see the details and the in-between places that surprise and delight along the road. Sometimes it’s more about the journey than the destination, and you can map out heaps of great adventures staying at G’day Parks along the way.

S is for Safari Tents

Exploring the great outdoors doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on creature comforts. If a little luxury is more your pace, glamping might be for you! Plan a romantic safari tent escape in wine country, settle into luxury accommodation overlooking a secluded lake, or add some quirkiness to your next holiday with a stay in a revamped Airstream campervan.

T is for Tourist

Even if you think you know a destination well, our top tip for your next park holiday is making time to be a true tourist. Ask a local what you should check out, book a tour by boat, on foot or by scenic flight. Visit a local attraction with fresh eyes and buy a souvenir to take home. Every trip is an opportunity to make memories and discover something new.

U is for Unique Experiences

If you think all caravan parks are the same, we’ve got news for you! Caravan parks are found in some of the most spectacular and idyllic locations on offer, but sometimes the parks are a destination themselves. You might find exotic birds or resident crocs, go fossicking for gems, or even enjoy a cocktail in a very swish swim-up bar.

V is for Van Life

Did you know there are an estimated 70,000 full-time travellers on our roads? That’s a lot of people swapping the daily grind for van life – and that many people can’t be wrong! You’ll meet some wonderful people and colourful characters when you stay in park so don’t forget to ask, ‘where are you heading next?’ 

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W is for Wildlife

Half the fun of getting back to nature is catching a glimpse of our furry, feathered or scaly friends! With so many unique animals calling Australia home, you can be sure to find something interesting no matter where you stay. Whether it’s the local roos hopping around your campsite, a river tour to spot a croc, or a day trip to explore a safari-style zoo, animal lovers can’t go wrong.

X is for eXtending Your Stay

We like to think that a stay with G’day Parks is easy to book and hard to leave. There’s always so much to squeeze into your holiday time that an extra day, a few days, or more is well worth it. Go a bit deeper into the region, book that tour of the sights, or just treat yourself to a little more relaxation. You deserve it!

Y is for Yearly Traditions

Caravan Park holidays have a way of becoming traditions, so don’t be surprised if visiting your favourite park becomes a fixture on your annual calendar! There’s always something new to see and do while reliving and making new memories. We see groups who have done the same Easter getaway for more than 30 years, proving that there’s a special bit of magic in the caravan parks you love most.

Z is for Zero Regrets

One thing we know for sure: we’ve never regretted a caravan park holiday! 

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